2 Mar 2017

#mumboss’s Rachel Monique Maskell wants to send you a (self-)care package.¬†ūüéĀ

Mamas! You no longer have an excuse not to treat yourself, because the treats are coming to you. Pronto‚ÄĒand for less than a day at the spa…or therapy.

Meet MumBox, a quarterly subscription ‚Äúretreat in a box,‚ÄĚ for parents looking to relax, refuel and reconnect with themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

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14 Feb 2017

A top hairstylist‚Äôs advice on navigating this trend with your child ūüĎ©ūüŹĽ‚Äćūüé§

It wasn‚Äôt just my own kids begging me for a bleach, streaks and crazy colors. I noticed it in their school, too: kids 10 and under coloring their hair in shades that, when I was a kid, were mostly seen on London punks and Jem and the Holograms.…

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15 Jan 2017


In 2016 I made an effort to go out less. Seeing 1-3 concerts a week was starting to take its toll on my wallet and my psyche. That thing about too much of a good thing? It’s true. Coming home to my house, my kids, my books, TV¬†and bed started to feel as nourishing as any drop on the dancefloor.…

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7 Jan 2017

Another year on SoundCloud, another playlist of favorite mixes. This time there are 49 of them, representing 60 hours of music from folks like A-Trak, Gorgon City, Billy Kenny and more. Press play to be transported to a dancefloor, the playa or just inside your own head. Enjoy! ‚̧ūüĒä

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29 Nov 2016
Photo by Juliana Bernstein/Get Tiny.

Photo by Juliana Bernstein/Get Tiny.

Who remembers those carefree days when vacation seemed endless and summer camp beckoned with fun activities, new friends, and maybe even a kiss or two? Sigh, yeah, we do too, but those times are as faded as a tie-dye from ‚Äė83.

Cue reveille! There’s a new kind of festival seizing on the nostalgia and energy from those days of yore: the Dirtybird Campout, the brainchild of DJ/Dirtybird Records head honcho Claude VonStroke, né Barclay Crenshaw.

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23 Oct 2016

Festival fans are so lucky these days. ‚ÄėCourse there‚Äôs nothing like Being There, but short of that, there are many ways to turn on, tune in and check out the scenes and sets from cherished events. SoundCloud can be a festival fanatic‚Äôs best buddy, as many organizers have channels that compile anticipatory playlists and sets from the talent that graced their stages.…

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27 Aug 2016

1. Have a great road trip to Reno with my kids: I‚Äôm not sure I‚Äôve ever driven solo for so long with the kids. I want to enjoy this free-spirited time together, listen to audio books, do Mad Libs, snuggle up in the hotel and be ready fresh in the morning to head to the playa.…

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16 Aug 2016


I recently surveyed folks in the family¬†camp at Burning Man, called Kidsville, about their tips for making time out there¬†with the littles as happy and comfortable as possible. I’ve taken my kids twice before¬†so I know the drill, but I did get some new ideas that I hadn’t considered before.…

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15 Jun 2016

Melissa Glorieux’s glorious “ritual¬†mandalas” inspire calm just by looking at them. They are¬†immaculately styled and¬†so¬†gorgeous to look at, but their meaning runs deeper than just being a pretty picture. See: most of these¬†works of art could be destroyed with the wind or a wave, and each one is made out of organic¬†materials‚ÄĒwhich is special because Melissa¬†herself found a new life¬†as a flower farmer in New England.…

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8 Jun 2016

With these books, you’ll never have to endure another Rainbow Fairy story¬†ever again. The books¬†here are well written, original and beloved across generations.

Kids’ Books That Won’t Make You Pull Your Hair Out

Just like seeing a movie that works on two levels, finding books that both you and your kids can enjoy together is a treat.

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