16 Aug 2016
5 Surprising Tips About Taking Kids to Burning Man


I recently surveyed folks in the family camp at Burning Man, called Kidsville, about their tips for making time out there with the littles as happy and comfortable as possible. I’ve taken my kids twice before so I know the drill, but I did get some new ideas that I hadn’t considered before.

1. Have fun with hydration and hydration devices: Of course, water is critically important to bring and consume, but there are plenty of other ways to ensure kids stay hydrated: think coconut water, Vitamin C water, even Pedialyte pops. Then, consider how kids get the liquid into their bodies and have fun with that too: “Bottles and CamelBaks with the sippy tops help kids drink more because they’re easy and fun,” said one parent.

2. Bring long-sleeve shirts for the day timeBecause it’s so hot during the day, I would have never thought of bringing long-sleeve shirts to wear while the sun is out. But of course! They offer extra protection from the sun, sparing you from a little bit of slathering.

3. Don’t skimp on socks and undies: Rather than pack just the right amount of items for the number of nights you’ll be on the playa, feel free to go overboard on these two items. When there’s no possibility of a bath and maybe only a slight possibility of a shower, these items go a long way toward helping anyone feel a little fresher in the dusty environs.

4. Bring a mesh bag to dry out uneaten food for taking home: Saves on stinky mess, big time. Now, do they make that for diapers? 😉

5. Micro cooler, pre-frozen drinks—don’t leave home without ’em! Says one parent: “You WILL travel long distances or be a long time without going back to camp so take along a micro cooler with pre-frozen drinks in it.” I’ll drink to that! ?

For the full list of tips from parents who’ve survived Burning Man with kids before, click on over to the Burning Man Journal

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