burning man2About Disco Nap:

Something magical happened when I finally flung off the shackles of diapers and baby food. My life! Bits of it started coming back to me and it felt amazing. I reconnected with my No. 1 passion (music), cultivated new friendships, started going to Burning Man and put myself out there in ways that would have surprised the 20-year-old me (no velvet zebra hoodie catsuits for that girl!).

You may call this some sort of midlife situation. I call it Disco Nap.

This blog, like a real disco nap, is energy for a second wind. It’s about emerging from the hibernation of having small children and learning to roar again through music and dancing, connecting with people, trying new things, creating memories and having fun.

The time is now, disco dancers! Let’s boogie before we’re dead.

About me:

I am a San Francisco-based editor and curator who’s worked for MTV Networks, Rhapsody, Apple, YouTube and Flipboard. I’ve got two kids and a husband who looks like a 19th century bank robber.

My lifelong love of music and pop culture started with an infatuation with Billy Idol, whose picture I slipped into my Trapper Keeper in fifth grade. Today, I drive a minivan that regularly wobbles with spine-tingling bass and acid house squiggles. I once bruised my knees from dancing so hard.