27 Aug 2016
Burning Man Intentions 2016

1. Have a great road trip to Reno with my kids: I’m not sure I’ve ever driven solo for so long with the kids. I want to enjoy this free-spirited time together, listen to audio books, do Mad Libs, snuggle up in the hotel and be ready fresh in the morning to head to the playa. I want to enjoy this moment and make great memories together.

2. See 2 sunrises: The night is all, like, neon and roar, and the morning is pastels and calm. I know which way my heart is heading these days. Anyway, the night will still be burning its last fumes, so it might be fun to draft off of that with the kids and watch them bring new energy to the punters still going from the night before.

3. Get inspired for my work with the Org. Take about 10x more pictures than I have in the past. Talk to people. Mingle at camp. Spend time w/ Media Mecca folks. Get enough material to produce two pieces: “Mamas of Kidsville,” “Aging Insurrection” and one more to-be-discovered story.

4. Journal & draw every day with the kids. I’ve wanted to do this for three years; now I will lead by example. I’m going to think of this as a 5-day #100dayproject, #sketchoftheday #morningpages…in other words, my creative practice beings NOW.

5. Make new friends. This is the first year where I really feel the energy of my Burning Man family around me. Years of making and cultivating relationships and projects are coalescing into a real sense of community and I love it. I plan to continue to spread my wings and practice social skills that otherwise do not come naturally to me. 🙂

6. Try one new thing. Pick one thing out of the book and go do it.

7. Find Cosmic Cowboy and honor him with a gift. One year late, but better late than never!

8. Do not check Facebook, Instagram or email. I don’t need to. Everyone and everything I need will be right there with me.

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