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2 Mar 2017

#mumboss’s Rachel Monique Maskell wants to send you a (self-)care package. ?

Mamas! You no longer have an excuse not to treat yourself, because the treats are coming to you. Pronto—and for less than a day at the spa…or therapy.

Meet MumBox, a quarterly subscription “retreat in a box,” for parents looking to relax, refuel and reconnect with themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

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15 Jun 2016

Melissa Glorieux’s glorious “ritual mandalas” inspire calm just by looking at them. They are immaculately styled and so gorgeous to look at, but their meaning runs deeper than just being a pretty picture. See: most of these works of art could be destroyed with the wind or a wave, and each one is made out of organic materials—which is special because Melissa herself found a new life as a flower farmer in New England.…

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