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14 Feb 2017

A top hairstylist’s advice on navigating this trend with your child ??‍?

It wasn’t just my own kids begging me for a bleach, streaks and crazy colors. I noticed it in their school, too: kids 10 and under coloring their hair in shades that, when I was a kid, were mostly seen on London punks and Jem and the Holograms.…

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8 Jun 2016

With these books, you’ll never have to endure another Rainbow Fairy story ever again. The books here are well written, original and beloved across generations.

Kids’ Books That Won’t Make You Pull Your Hair Out

Just like seeing a movie that works on two levels, finding books that both you and your kids can enjoy together is a treat.

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18 Apr 2016

RV-crew-silhouette copy

Can a music festival be a bonding experience for a family? Perhaps, but you’ll need to know your kid, pick the right festival, adjust your mindset, pack the Purrell and prepare for the fact that you may be creating little music fiends who’ll soon school you when it comes to band names and dance moves.

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6 Jan 2016


The Memory Box is a simple but lovely project I learned about from my friend Wayee. Her kids had been collecting little memories all yearlong and then rolled them up into this box, which they presented to their parents as a Christmas gift. I thought this was a great idea: easy and fun for kids, but also meaningful and poignant for parents, grandparents and caregivers. 

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