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4 May 2017

When I make a playlist, I mostly operate on a gut feeling. What does this feeling sound like? And, how does this sound make me feel? At the end of the day, it’s my ears guiding me towards what feels like their destiny.

I let my ears wander recently for MumBoss and constructed these custom playlists for founder Rachel Monique Maskell’s first MumBox mailing for Mother’s Day 2017.

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15 Jan 2017


In 2016 I made an effort to go out less. Seeing 1-3 concerts a week was starting to take its toll on my wallet and my psyche. That thing about too much of a good thing? It’s true. Coming home to my house, my kids, my books, TV and bed started to feel as nourishing as any drop on the dancefloor.…

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7 Jan 2017

Another year on SoundCloud, another playlist of favorite mixes. This time there are 49 of them, representing 60 hours of music from folks like A-Trak, Gorgon City, Billy Kenny and more. Press play to be transported to a dancefloor, the playa or just inside your own head. Enjoy! ❤?

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23 Oct 2016

Festival fans are so lucky these days. ‘Course there’s nothing like Being There, but short of that, there are many ways to turn on, tune in and check out the scenes and sets from cherished events. SoundCloud can be a festival fanatic’s best buddy, as many organizers have channels that compile anticipatory playlists and sets from the talent that graced their stages.…

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6 Jan 2016

Jamie XX

Over on Medium, I chronicled my year in concerts: 51 shows, 5 festivals, and 85 bands and DJs. This is the list, with the bolds being outstanding:

  1. Derrick Carter, Secret Location, 1/9
  2. RL Grime, The Fox, 1/30
  3. Blondish, Public Works, 1/31
  4. Bassment Jaxx, Public Works, 2/14
  5. Krafty Kuts, Monarch, 2/27
  6. Caribou, Fillmore, 3/1
  7. Stanton Warriors, Mighty, 3/13
  8. Tweedy, Fillmore, 3/18
  9. Bakermat, Independent, 3/19
  10. Lee Burridge, Public Works, 3/21
  11. Belle & Sebastian, Greek, 4/12
  12. Ride, Warfield, 4/13
  13. Alt-J, Greek, 4/16
  14. Sylvan Esso, Fillmore, 4/22
  15. The Polish Ambassador, Fox, 4/24
  16. Jose Gonzalez, Bimbo’s, 4/27
  17. The Decembrists, Greek, 5/1
  18. GriZ, Mezzanine, 5/2
  19. Jesus and Mary Chain, Warfield, 5/16
  20. Lee Burridge / Sunset Island, TI, 5/17
  21. Lightning in a Bottle, 5/30: Thomas Jack, Panda Bear, Aluna George, Made in Heights, Odesza, Tycho
  22. Sufjan Stevens, Fox, 6/5
  23. Silent Frisco, Ocean Beach, 6/6
  24. Purity Ring, Fox, 6/19
  25. A-Trak, 1015, 6/19
  26. Psychemagik, Phoenix Hotel, 7/12
  27. Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss, Greek, 7/23
  28. Spank Rock & Boyz Noize, Mezzanine, 7/24
  29. Chemical Brothers & CVS, Armory, 7/30
  30. Outside Lands 8/7-8/9: Elton John, D’Angelo, Sam Smith, GV/CVS, Porter Robinson, Billy Idol, Kendrick Lamar, Caribou, Hot Chip
  31. Dirtybird Quarterly: JPhlip, Worthy, Mezzanine, 8/14
  32. Psychemagik, Monarch, 8/22
  33. Bassment Jaxx, Disco Knights, BM 9/3
  34. Crystal Method, Public Works, 9/11
  35. Dirtybird BBQ (Justin Martin, CVS), 9/13
  36. Symbiosis 9/18-20: The Acid, Nicolas Jaar, Four Tet, Yoga of Bass, Dub Kirtan, Sorne, Sylvan Esso, TPA
  37. Rudimental, Mezzanine, 10/8
  38. Jamie XX, Fox, 10/9
  39. Decompression 10/11
  40. Treasure Island 10/17-18: Gorgon City, Shamir, Cashmere Cat, Hudson Mohawke, Deerhunter, The Chvrches
  41. DMak, Chris Lake, Warfield, 10/29
  42. Hot Chip, Fox, 10/29
  43. Carl Cox, Public Works, 10/29
  44. Groove Armada, The Midway, 10/31
  45. Grimes, Fillmore, 11/1
  46. Dirtybird Quarterly: JPhlip, Worthy, Christian Martin, Mezzanine, 11/6
  47. Yo La Tengo Acoustic, Masonic, 11/14
  48. Charlatans UK, Regency, 11/16
  49. Sturgill Simpson, Fox, 11/18
  50. Giorgio Moroder, 1015, 12/4
  51. Beach House, Fillmore, 12/19

As for what that looked like, here are some scenes from my year in concerts, thanks to my trusty iPhone:


Boyz Noise 10th Anniversary Showcase


Spank Rock






Nicolas Jaar


Tuvan Throat performance at Symbiosis


Claude von Stroke

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5 Dec 2015

I’m calling it a day on my playlist of SoundCloud DJ mixes I love. There are 60 sets, totaling over 67 hours of music. To make cut, the mix must have caught my attention in a special way; it likely cut through whatever else it was I was doing to say, “Hey!

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22 Nov 2015

OK, the best free mixes this week aren’t all technically new, but they are all fantastic in my humble opinion. Go straight to Housing Corp for working out, partying, psyching yourself up music; Bob Moses for working, dinner parties, introspective thinking; Music is 4 Lovers for happy vibes, daytime fun, daydreams of islands and mai-tais.

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15 Oct 2015

I spend an inordinate amount time on SoundCloud, either during my commute or at work, where our open office plan encourages headphone escapage. If a song or mix catches my ear while I’m doing something else, I know it hit some kind of primordial nerve within me and I need to Listen Up.

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10 Oct 2015

Fireball is a vision, a moment when I realized something BIG. I saw, with amazing clarity, that everything I need is already inside of me. (I was later told that what I experienced is also known as “The Violet Flame.”)

A meditation teacher once told me to try to envision a shape inside my chest and focus my attention there.…

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